Team Wall - Esports variant 4v4 tournament

Event date
01 Mar 2021 21:00 CET
Call of Duty: Cold War
Prize pool

Dear players

The maps that you are going to play can be found in this overview page. The rules can be found on the rules page. We will use pool play and a bracket system for this tournament.

Please report your scores in the Team Wall Discord. Please send a message in the ''tournament chat - channel'' when you wish to do this. You can also message this chat if there are any questions.

Join here the Discord here: Team Wall Discord


The team that is at the bottom of the pool or bracket is hosting map 1 and 3.

Example: The team that is second in the pool will host map 1 and 3 against the team that is first in the pool.

Timetable pools

Round 1 - 21:00 CET

Round 2 - 21:30 CET 

Round 3 - 22:00 CET

All the pool play matches must be finished at 22:30 CET.

Pool play maps

Round 1

Map 1: Raid
Map 2: Moscow
Map 3: Checkmate

Round 2

Map 1: Crossroads
Map 2: Miami
Map 3: Garrison

Round 3

Map 1: Moscow
Map 2: Checkmate
Map 3: Raid

The number 1 in the pool will be advanced to the bracket.

Bracket maps


Map 1: Checkmate
Map 2: Moscow
Map 3: Garrison


Map 1: Raid
Map 2: Crossroads
Map 3: Checkmate

Team Wall - Esports variant 4v4 tournament