ROG Warzone qualifier 19-12

Event date
19 Dec 2020 20:00 CET
Call of Duty: Warzone
Prize pool

Game Rules ROG Warzone Duo’s Tournament

All duo’s play 5 Warzone Private Matches.

All 5 Warzone Private Matches need to be completed with the special #clantag provided to you via Discord 10 minutes prior to the first game.

Within 15 minutes after finishing everyone Warzone Private Match game you need to upload a screenshot of your scores.

The 5 screenshots of your map scores need to be uploaded to your own Discord channel on Discord server.

The proof must consist of screenshots. (no photos)

Make sure to use the right #clantag, screenshots without the right #clan-tag will not be valid.

- Player limited to an 8.5 kD ratio cap
- All duo's must play on their main account
- All players must be 16 year or older
- Cross-play must be enabled

Let it be known, if there is any indication that cheats, false modifications or exploits and other tactics have been aplied that are considered as unfair play: We shall be forced to disqualification.

It is also important that the player profiles for this tournament are on public so that we can check everything, if necessary, via CODtracker. If not, we can choose not to include games.