Call of Duty: Warzone private match DUO tournament

Event date
25 Apr 2021 19:30 CET
Call of Duty: Warzone
Prize pool

1.All duo's play 5 Warzone Private Match games.

2. All 5 Warzone Private Matches must be played with the special #Clantag which will be announced in advance in the livestream (https://www.twitch.tv/teamwall) and the Clantag will be share on Discord in the #warzone-info channel 5 minutes prior to the first match (7.25pm CET).

3. Make sure you use the correct #Clantag. Screenshots without the correct #clantag DO NOT COUNT!

4. As this is a Best of 3 format, 3 games will count towards your final score of the 5 Warzone Private Match games you're playing in total. So you are free to choose your 3 best games.

5. Share your screenshots of your 3 best Private Match games within 15 minutes after the end of the 5th and last private match game. If you are too late, scores won't count.

6. The 3 screenshots must be sent via DM to @TeamWALL, so keep a close eye on our server and make sure you can DM @TeamWALL.

7. Send legible screenshots, where both the points and the place where you finished are clearly visible.

8. All pc players must stream the 5 matches, if not you will be disqualified.

9. Points: • 1 point per KILL • 5 points for a Warzone WIN

10. Make sure you'll tune in to our livestream, starting at 7pm CET, so you're aware of all last minute updates: https://www.twitch.tv/teamwall

Join the the Team Wall Discord here: afrojack.com/discord

Call of Duty: Warzone private match DUO tournament