Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Search & Destroy 2v2

Event date
30 Mar 2020 19:00 CET
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
Prize pool

Win Conditions

Time Limit: 1.5 Minutes
Round Win Limit: 6
Advanced Gametype Options

Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
Plant Time: 5 Seconds
Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds
Multi Bomb: Disabled
Switch Sides: Every Round
Silent Plant: Enabled
Dog Tags: Disabled
Number of Lives per Player: 1 Life

Team Assignment: Open
Team Change In-Game: Enabled
Spectating: Enabled
3rd Person Spectating: Disabled
Revenge Voice: Enabled
Battlechatter: Disabled
Announcer: Enabled

Pre-Match Timer: 15 Seconds
Pre-Round Timer: 5 Seconds
Mini-Map: Normal
Explosive Delay: 0 Seconds
Kill Cam: Enabled
Scorestreak Delay: 15 Seconds
Score Multiplier: 1

Health: 100%
Health Regeneration: Normal
Friendly Fire: Enabled
Teamkill Kick Limit: Disabled
Headshots Only: Disabled
Hit Indicator: Enabled

Specialist draft needs to be enabled.

Restricted items


Snaking is banned on ALL gamemodes for Call of Duty.
DEFINITION: Snaking is a form of movement where the player goes in and out of prone rapidly and repeatedly to make it extremely difficult for opposing players to shoot them. This will be at the admin's discretion to issue a forfeit of the map or issue a replay of the round. If you believe your opponent to be snaking you must play out your match to completion and then submit proof at the end for our admins to review.


Dual Wield
Rapid Fire
High Caliber


Six Sense


Care Package
Counter UAV


All light machine guns
All shotguns
All DLC Weapons

Tacticals & Lethals:

Trip Mine
Shock Charge
Black Hat


Kinetic Armor
Vision Pulse

No Show

A team has 15 Minutes from the scheduled match time to show for matches; failure to do so could potentially result in a forfeiture of the match. In the situation that the opposing team does not show up for the scheduled match, you MUST contact us in Discord or on Twitter. Please send proof of the situation when contacting us. 

Disconnect with the host or timing out

The round must be finished. After the round is finished players must restart the map and continue at the current score. For example: The score is 3-2, 1 players loses the connection during the round. The round must be finished. After the restart the players must continue with a 3-3 or 4-2 map score depending on the outcome of the past round.


Pickups aren't allowed during the tournament.