About us

Our story

Divince Events is a growing brand within the esports scene. We have been hosting events since January 2018, which have all been in the Netherlands. Since the start of Divince Events, we have produced multiple esports events in the Netherlands where we mainly used Call of Duty as event title. During these events there are multiple esports teams that compete for: Fame, experience and money. The mission of Divince Events is very simple; we are giving players a place where they can compete against the best players in a offline environment. In this environment players can develop themselves to be the best players they can possible be. Experience is key during these events, we see a lot of players significantly improve themselves, event by event. This is our mission and passion, we are willing to give everything for this mission.

Divince Events

The team

Mike Schoone

Founder and owner

Mike is our founder and owner of the Divince Events. After many years in the esports scene he decided to organize his own Lan events in the Netherlands. His ambitions are simple: He wants to make sure that everyone has a good experience during the events and everyone needs to have a good time at the event! Divince Events is a place where players can develop themselves to a higher level of international esports and with this mission is Mike and his team fully committed to make Divince Events a huge success.

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